Award Winning
est. 1907

Tim Mitchell and Justin Ashby

Justin Ashby and I organised the inaugural Sid Valley Triathlon last Sunday. The event was a complete success with just short of sixty people taking part and even the sun coming out to support us. What neither of us was expecting when we decided to organise the event was the generosity and support from members of the local community and businesses such as Hayman's. The gift of pasties made the after race recovery an especially enjoyable social event and there were many comments of how good the pasties were. After three hours of constant exercise something tasty and nutritious goes down very well and believe me they went down very well. On behalf of both of us and all those who took part, a very big thank you.

Tim Mitchell & Justin Ashby Sid Valley Triathlon

Sharon Darton

Good evening
A few weeks ago we came into your shop and bought some turkey ham and leek pies. Not being a pie person I was amazed at how much I enjoyed them - the best pies I have ever eaten in fact. Can you please tell me how many I need to order to get at the special offer price please? I would be looking at ordering probably 10...
Thank you.
Sharon Darton

James House

On Saturday morning, 13th October I walked into your butcher and asked if I could buy some duck breasts. I was told that the duck was frozen, which may not have defrosted completley for the evening. I was about to leave when the butcher serving me asked how many I needed. I replied that I needed two and he then removed two breasts from a bird that was on display.
I am contacting you to say how impressed I was that your staff took the time to prepare me the duck breasts I wanted, but also to let you know how delicious and tender the meat was.
Thank you,

Michael Pearce

A few weeks ago we purchased some sausages from your shop when on holiday, spring onion and cheese? could you please tell me what cheese it was as i would like our local butcher to replicate if you don't object. I know this is a cheek, but we liked them so much and do not know when we will be down your way again, we will be calling in when we do.

Mike Mason

Good morning,
I have two elderly parents in Sidmouth who have sadly have reached a point where they need support in a number of areas one of which is their meals and food preparation. Their GP mentioned Hayman's has a good range of ready meals and can deliver - is that true? If so can you send me a menu/list and whether cooked/uncooked & fresh/frozen, cost, timings of delivery etc
kind regards,
Mike Mason